Resilient Communities : RCRC Household Survey May 2020

Rapid Community Response to COVID-19 (RCRC), India is a coalition of leading Civil Society Organizations through the length and breadth of the country. The RCRC Centre for Monitoring Rural India carried out a household survey to understand the livelihood status, condition of migrants, and the efficacy of the government reach in the form of entitlements.


The survey analyzed the status of food security, hunger, and indebtedness. The impact on all farm livelihood options (production and sale) were studied. There was an inquiry into the mental wellbeing and access to health services. The survey is aimed at investigating the impact of the pandemic on a regular monthly basis.

During the first round of the survey, 11,380 respondents from nine states of India, 68 districts, and 118 blocks were covered.



RCRC Centre for Monitoring Rural India during COVID-19 Times

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