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Action for Social Advancement

ASA is a non profit development organization registered under The Gujarat Societies Registration Act, 1860 & The Bombay Public Trust Act. 1950.

It was founded in 1996 by a group of development professionals with considerable collective experience of working with the tribal people in the Central part of India in participatory natural resources development. ASA has emerged as a prime and lead organisation in the sector of farm based livelihood for poor and natural resource management.

ASA currently works in nearly 1690 villages in 23 districts of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand, directly reaching out to about 1,79,000 families or nearly 9,50,000 population. There are more than 140 professional staff in the organisation alongwith more than 170 para-professional staff.

There are 10 Area offices, 46 Team Offices, 5 Regional Offices and the ASA Head Office in Bhopal.

The governing system in ASA is strong with considerable amount of policy decision making rests with the board. The programmes of ASA are governed by the Standard Operating Manual. Similarly, for General administration, HR and Finances, the SOMs are the lead documents for operation. The SOMs, internal audit (both through external auditor and through internal audit cell), programme process and impact monitoring systems are some of the unique procedures in ASA that help in keeping it focussed, result oriented and quality concerned. ASA has been always taking a system approach and according to our assessment this is one of the key factors that can be attributed to our constant growth.

Organization State District Block
ASA Chhattisgarh Sarguja Batauli
ASA Chhattisgarh Sarguja Sitapur
ASA Jharkhand Jamtara Fatepur
ASA Jharkhand Jamtara Jamatara
ASA Jharkhand Jamtara Kundohit
ASA Jharkhand Pakur Hiranpur
ASA Jharkhand Pakur Littipara
ASA Jharkhand Ranchi Angara
ASA Madhya Pradesh Alirajpur Jobat
ASA Madhya Pradesh Alirajpur Udaigarh
ASA Madhya Pradesh Anuppur Anuppur
ASA Madhya Pradesh Badwani Pati
ASA Madhya Pradesh Badwani Rajpur
ASA Madhya Pradesh Betul Chicholi
ASA Madhya Pradesh Chhatarpur Bijawar
ASA Madhya Pradesh Dindori Mehadwani
ASA Madhya Pradesh Jhabua Petlawad
ASA Madhya Pradesh Jhabua Ranapur
ASA Madhya Pradesh Mandla Mandla
ASA Madhya Pradesh Ratlam Bajna
ASA Madhya Pradesh Ratlam Ratlam
ASA Madhya Pradesh Ratlam Sailana
ASA Madhya Pradesh Shahdol Sohagpur
ASA Madhya Pradesh Tikamgarh Jatara