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Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India)

Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India) is a non-denominational, non-government development organization. AKRSP(I) works as a catalyst for the betterment of rural communities by providing direct support to local communities. AKRSP(I) is active in over 2400 villages of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. It has impacted lives of over 1.5 million people from marginalised sections of society. Over 80% of the households impacted by AKRSP(I)’s work belong to marginalised communities like tribals, dalits, and minorities. Over 60% of beneficiaries are women who form a core group for program interventions.

AKRSP(I) has pioneered various participatory development approaches in the country and has won various national and international accolades for this. The backbone of AKRSP(I)’s work is the empowerment of rural communities, particularly in underprivileged communities and for women – through collectivization as well as promotion of individual enterprises. Building self-reliant people’s institutions for financial inclusion, livelihoods enhancement and improved rural governance is the heart of the organization’s approach. Currently AKRSP(I) has major interventions in the areas of:

  • Sustainable agriculture and livestock development
  • Natural resources management
  • Early childhood development and primary education
  • Skills and enterprise development for youths
  • Renewable energy
  • Rural governance
  • Drinking water and sanitation
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Organization State District Block
AKRSPI Bihar Darbhanga Singhwara
AKRSPI Bihar Muzaffarpur Bochcha
AKRSPI Bihar Muzaffarpur Muraul
AKRSPI Bihar Muzaffarpur Mushari
AKRSPI Bihar Muzaffarpur Sakra
AKRSPI Bihar Samastipur Kalyanpur
AKRSPI Bihar Samastipur Mohanpur
AKRSPI Bihar Samastipur Pusa
AKRSPI Bihar Samastipur Samastipur
AKRSPI Bihar Samastipur Sarairanjan
AKRSPI Bihar Samastipur Tajpur
AKRSPI Bihar Sitamarhi Bajpatti
AKRSPI Bihar Vaishali Hajipur
AKRSPI Gujarat Bharuch Netrang
AKRSPI Gujarat Dangs Ahwa
AKRSPI Gujarat Dangs Subir
AKRSPI Gujarat Dangs Waghai
AKRSPI Gujarat Morbi Takara
AKRSPI Gujarat Morbi Wankaner
AKRSPI Gujarat Narmada Dediyapada
AKRSPI Gujarat Narmada Nanod
AKRSPI Gujarat Narmada Sagbara
AKRSPI Gujarat Navsari Vansada
AKRSPI Gujarat Rajkot Jasdan
AKRSPI Gujarat Surat Mandavi
AKRSPI Gujarat Surat Umarpada
AKRSPI Gujarat Tapi Songadh
AKRSPI Gujarat Tapi Vyara
AKRSPI Madhya Pradesh Barwani Barwani
AKRSPI Madhya Pradesh Barwani Niwali
AKRSPI Madhya Pradesh Barwani Sendhwa
AKRSPI Madhya Pradesh Burhanpur Khaknar
AKRSPI Madhya Pradesh Dhar Dharampuri
AKRSPI Madhya Pradesh Khandwa Khalwa
AKRSPI Madhya Pradesh Khandwa Pandhana
AKRSPI Madhya Pradesh Khargone Jhirniya