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Aajeevika Bureau’s vision is to become a leading agency working to ensure secure and dignified lives of communities dependent on migration and labour.

It’s mission is to provide lasting solutions to economic and socio-legal problems of migrant workers – directly as well as through partners – by creating replicable models offering services and security both at source and destination.

Aajeevika Bureau combines direct service delivery, advocacy, research and technical support in advancement of its work on issues of migrant workers. Through a network of field based Shramik Sahayata evam Sandarbh Kendra-s (Workers Support and Resource Centres), Aajeevika Bureau provides a range of services to migrants and their households. These services include registration and photo ID, skill training and placement, legal aid, collectivisation, social security, financial services and family support. The Bureau runs field centres both at source (South Rajasthan) and at major destinations (in Gujarat and Rajasthan). The source – destination presence is an important feature of the organization’s work and outreach with migrant workers. Aajeevika Bureau has undertaken a wide range of field based research into aspects of seasonal migration, labour and employment. Knowledge building adds to perspectives on this under-researched area and also helps the Bureau design new services and interventions for migrant groups. There are enormous gaps in policy for migrant workers at the state and national level and Aajeevika Bureau’s work makes important contributions in defining new agenda, priorities and programmes that can be adopted by government and industry for the vast number of migrant workers. As a pioneer practitioner in the area of internal migration, Aajeevika Bureau partners closely with field organisations and donors to help them expand their reach to vulnerable migrants. A special unit – “Centre for Migration and Labour Solutions” – provides technical support and capacity building to a large number of organisations. A strategic partnership with Sir Dorabji Tata Trust enables this work to grow and reach millions of migrant workers across the country.

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