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Founder of GramShree started his career as a development professional will passion of changing the rural India. With this dream joined one of pioneer NGO in development sector “SRIJAN”, worked in the villages 100 km interior from District Head Quarter, of Tonk District of Rajasthan. Stayed in one of village “ Duni for more than 5 years”, worked with the community directly, and faced the challenges, of wining the Trust of villagers, understanding their daily life, livelihoods and planning the intervention for change. Worked with more than 2,000 families across 40 villages, developed the cluster of dairy, built the whole value chain and linked around 1,200 families with this intervention. Milk marketing started, in the area where District Milk Union refused to open the milk route. Intervention got attention across the state and country, with the visit of World Bank wise president and President Mr. Robert Zellick in 2009. Left SRIJAN with heavy heart and joined Tata Trust.

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Organization State District Block
Gramshree Rajasthan Udaipur Gogunda