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Haritika (Bundelkhand)

About Haritika

HARITIKA was set up in the year 1994. As a non – government organization, it has been working on issues affecting the rural poor. It has made interventions on natural resources management and provision of other infrastructure facilities so as to make the villagers living in the backward districts of Bundelkhand region, self-reliant.

About Bundelkhand

Bundelkhand is one of the most poorly endowed regions of India. It is characterized by hard rock region with poor soil cover and low ground water availability. The main problem faced by the region are soil erosion and shortage of water for irrigation and domestic purposes. The poverty situation in the region has also been deteriorating due to lack of livelihood and income generating opportunities. This has resulted in migration of the local villagers to other places. Further, climatic uncertainties have resulted in frequent droughts in the region drastically leading to reduced agricultural yields. With the support of World Bank, NABARD, Government at the central, state and district levels, select national and international NGOs, it has implemented successful and sustainable projects in 350 villages in the region making a huge impact on the standard of living of the villagers. It has been continuously exploring opportunities to partner with relevant organizations and agencies to achieve its vision.

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Hartika Madhya Pradesh Chhatarpur Bijawar
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