MOSONiE Socio-Economic Foundation is a non-profit organization registered as a Section 8 company in 2016, with a broad Mission of Socio Economic Re-Architecturing for North East India. MOSONiE represents “a small drop in the world’s need for shared responsible human initiative, contributing a friendly environment to Create, Recreate and Rejuvenate the resources around us”.

MOSONiE is a tribal word for creation of a “Common Wealth” through participation of all members of the community in nurturing the earth that bring forth fruits for sustaining lives. It denotes a wealth created through nurturing of the gifts of the earth and the usufructs are shared with each according to his/her needs in an egalitarian context. The word also denotes a utopian quality of togetherness of the community who lives simple lives and celebrate with earth, water, air, vegetation and other living creatures in a communitarian situation. The word also embraces a reverential approach to nature, where each creation has a space and destruction of any species is avoided. All these ideas are encapsulated in MOSONiE.

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