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What Is Nirantar?

Nirantar:n., adj: ceaseless or continuous.

We are a non-profit organisation working on gender and education over the last two decades. We are an active part of the women’s movement in India and draw our values from feminist principles. We are firmly rooted in community-based work, which informs our research and advocacy too.

What We Do?

Nirantar started with a focus on adult women from rural marginalised communities; and slowly extended its work to include Dalit, Adivasi, and Muslim girls as well. Also, we have started looking at young people as a political constituency, expanding our work to urban poor communities, and enabling empowering education for young people.

Our initiatives and mandate are driven by the need to ask ‘why’, to build a critical understanding of social structures to move towards greater equity and gender-just society. Through our work, we seek to push boundaries of the ongoing discourses and address inequalities and injustices.

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Nirantar Bihar Gaya Amas
Nirantar Bihar Gaya Bankebazar
Nirantar Bihar Gaya Dobhi
Nirantar Bihar Gaya Guraru
Nirantar Bihar Gaya Mohanpur
Nirantar Bihar Kaimur Adhuara
Nirantar Bihar Kaimur Bhagwanpur
Nirantar Bihar Kaimur Chainpur
Nirantar Bihar Kaimur Kudara
Nirantar Bihar Muzaffarpur Aurai
Nirantar Bihar Muzaffarpur Bandra
Nirantar Bihar Muzaffarpur Bochcha
Nirantar Bihar Muzaffarpur Gaighat
Nirantar Bihar Muzaffarpur Kudhani
Nirantar Bihar Muzaffarpur Mushari
Nirantar Bihar Rohtas Chenari
Nirantar Bihar Rohtas Sasaram
Nirantar Bihar Rohtas Shivsagar
Nirantar Bihar Sitamarhi Riga
Nirantar Bihar Sitamarhi Sonbarsa
Nirantar Bihar West   Champaran Chanpatia
Nirantar Bihar West   Champaran Lauria
Nirantar Bihar West   Champaran Mainatand
Nirantar Bihar West   Champaran Majhauliya
Nirantar Bihar West   Champaran Sikata
Nirantar Uttar Pradesh Lalitpur Birdha
Nirantar Uttar Pradesh Lalitpur Mandawara
Nirantar Uttar Pradesh Lalitpur Mehroni