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PRADAN was created in 1983 by two young professionals, Deep Joshi and Vijay Mahajan, who were convinced that even the stubborn, endemic poverty of rural India can be solved. They believed that well-educated professionals working within communities can bring both the empathy and knowledge needed to help poor people improve their lives.

Deep and Vijay also believed that grassroots work in the spirit of pradan, or giving back to society, can be a fulfilling and viable vocation for educated men and women. They created Professional Assistance for Development Action (Pradan), to systematically groom and enable professionals with empathy towards the poor to work at the grassroots level.

In 1987 PRADAN began working with the government and over the years we have played a major role in developing such programs as IRDP, SGSY, and the National Rural Livelihood Mission. We continue to work for change that is sustainable and self-perpetuating, bringing skills and systems that help women, families and communities gain confidence and take charge of their own lives.

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PRADAN Bihar Banka Banka
PRADAN Bihar Banka Chandan
PRADAN Bihar Banka Katoria
PRADAN Bihar Bhagalpur Bihpur
PRADAN Bihar Bhagalpur Narayanpur
PRADAN Bihar Jamui Chakai
PRADAN Bihar Kishanganj Amas
PRADAN Bihar Nawada Nardiganj
PRADAN Bihar Nawada Narhat
PRADAN Bihar Patna Bakhtiyarpur
PRADAN Bihar Patna Dariya
PRADAN Bihar Samastipur Bithan,
PRADAN Bihar Samastipur Mohiuddinagar
PRADAN Jharkhand Bokaro Jaridih
PRADAN Jharkhand Bokaro Kasmar
PRADAN Jharkhand Bokaro Petarbar
PRADAN Jharkhand Dumka Dumka
PRADAN Jharkhand Dumka Gopikandar
PRADAN Jharkhand Dumka Kathikund
PRADAN Jharkhand Dumka Shikaripara
PRADAN Jharkhand Godda Boarijore
PRADAN Jharkhand Godda Pathargama
PRADAN Jharkhand Godda Poraiyahat
PRADAN Jharkhand Gumla Basia
PRADAN Jharkhand Gumla Ghaghra
PRADAN Jharkhand Gumla Gumla
PRADAN Jharkhand Gumla Kamdara
PRADAN Jharkhand Gumla Palkot
PRADAN Jharkhand Gumla Raidih
PRADAN Jharkhand Hazaribagh Barhi
PRADAN Jharkhand Hazaribagh Churchu
PRADAN Jharkhand Hazaribagh Padma
PRADAN Jharkhand Hazaribagh Tatijharia
PRADAN Jharkhand Khunti Arki
PRADAN Jharkhand Khunti Khunti
PRADAN Jharkhand Khunti Murhu
PRADAN Jharkhand Khunti Torpa
PRADAN Jharkhand Koderma Chandwara
PRADAN Jharkhand Koderma Jainagar
PRADAN Jharkhand Lohardaga Kisko
PRADAN Jharkhand Lohardaga Kuru
PRADAN Jharkhand Lohardaga Senha
PRADAN Jharkhand Ramgarh Gola
PRADAN Jharkhand West Singhbhum Bandgaon
PRADAN Jharkhand West Singhbhum Chakradharpur
PRADAN Jharkhand West Singhbhum Hatgamharia
PRADAN Jharkhand West Singhbhum Sonua
PRADAN Jharkhand West Singhbhum Tonto
PRADAN Odisha Kalahandi Lanjigarh
PRADAN Odisha Kandhamal Baliguda
PRADAN Odisha Kandhamal Daringbadi
PRADAN Odisha Kandhamal K.Nuagaon
PRADAN Odisha Kandhamal Phulbani
PRADAN Odisha Kandhamal Tikabali
PRADAN Odisha Kandhamal Tumribandh
PRADAN Odisha Keonjhar Banspal
PRADAN Odisha Keonjhar Patna
PRADAN Odisha Koraput Lamtaput
PRADAN Odisha Koraput Lamtaput
PRADAN Odisha Koraput Nandapur
PRADAN Odisha Koraput Nandapur
PRADAN Odisha Koraput Semiliguda
PRADAN Odisha Mayurbhanj Jashipur
PRADAN Odisha Mayurbhanj Karanjia
PRADAN Odisha Mayurbhanj Sukruli
PRADAN Odisha Mayurbhanj Thakurmunda
PRADAN Odisha Rayagada Bissam Cuttack
PRADAN Odisha Rayagada Kolnara
PRADAN Rajasthan Sirohi Aburoad
PRADAN Rajasthan Sirohi Pindwara