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Sunbird Trust is a non-sectarian Civil Society Organization founded in 2014, working with the objective of Peace through Education in conflict-affected parts of North East India, with the largest footprint in Manipur. The core objectives of Sunbird Trust are to bring communities to live and work together in harmony and to build bridges between people and the Armed Forces. It seeks to build peace and harmony by engaging with communities in the conflict zone through educating and empowering underprivileged children and youth to make better life choices. Three primary areas of focus are:

  • Student sponsorship in school or college to provide financial access to education
  • Building schools and hostels to provide physical access to education
  • Fostering integration, peace and acceptance of diversity


Sunbird Trust sponsors the education of over 3,300 children from under resourced communities in about 53 partner institutions in Northeast India. It has currently built (or is building) 7 schools and 8 hostels in Manipur, Nagaland, and Assam. Sunbird has sponsored over 50 students from Northeast India to pursue their graduate or postgraduate studies in various disciplines in different parts of the country. Its team of young professionals include Teach for India Fellows, a Gandhi Fellow, engineers, MBA, and a hotel management executive hailing from different parts of the country. Founder & CEO, Col. Christopher Rego (Retd.), who served 32 years in the Indian Army, including 8 years in North East India prior to his retirement, has received the Ashoka Fellowship Award for the work of Sunbird Trust.

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