WomenServe India Foundation (WSIF) is a non-profit organization, that seeks to build individual and community economic security and mobility in the rural communities of Western Rajasthan, India. The organisation is registered under Section 8 of the (Indian)Companies Act, 2013 with 12A and 80 G registration.




To advance the status of women and girls through initiatives primarily focused on – water security, education, economic development, health and hygiene




To advance the status of women and girls by increasing access to water, education, health and hygiene and economic empowerment


The foundation’s work is currently focussed in a few villages in the rural interiors of the Thar desert in Western Rajasthan.


Water is intrinsically linked with the life of women and girls especially in rural India. It is estimated that every second women in rural India walks more than 14,000 kms a year just to fetch water (NSSO, Govt. of India).


Limited access to water poses a significant burden on women and girls who are deprived of education, and economic progress. This combined with a conservative social thinking has resulted in serious gender disparity evident from low female literacy rates, high school dropout rates amongst girls, and prevalence of child marriage. Thus, Water, Education, health & nutrition and women’s empowerment are clear areas of struggle in this area.

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