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Evidence-Based Research

At RCRC, we take a participatory and partner-driven approach to evidence based research, amplifying the voices of marginalized communities by fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders who share common interests. Our primary goal is to raise awareness and draw attention to the needs, challenges, and priorities of marginalized rural communities across India. With an extensive network spanning the nation, RCRC leverages the expertise of its members to provide nuanced insights into local contexts and communities they have long served.Through sustained efforts, RCRC is committed to producing evidence-based knowledge from the micro-geographies of the country, thereby strengthening the abilities of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to promote inclusive, community-centric research practices. Our research initiatives are designed to produce relevant, timely, and statistically accurate data that directly informs action. In the past, our evidence based research efforts have covered approximately 12000 rural households across 40 blocks in 12 states of India.

The key objectives of RCRC’s research initiatives are as follows:

  1. Generate Knowledge and Take It Back to the Community: We believe in the power of knowledge to drive system change. Our research endeavors aim to provide actionable insights that can empower communities to address their own challenges effectively. We take efforts to take the data back to the communities through dissemination activities.
  2. Improve Research Capabilities of Grassroots CSOs : By providing training, resources, and support, RCRC seeks to enhance the research capabilities of grassroots CSOs, enabling them to conduct high-quality, context-specific research that informs their advocacy and programming efforts.
  3. Equip CSOs for Improved and Targeted Program Implementation : Through our research findings, we strive to equip CSOs with the necessary tools and information to design and implement programs that are responsive to the needs of marginalized communities, ensuring that interventions are effective, sustainable, and impactful.

Join us in our mission to transform rural India through evidence based research-driven action. Together, we can build a future where every community is empowered.